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08.12.07 -

Finishing up some edits. This story is no longer the sequel to What You wish For

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Kristen Lee Thomson is almost thirty and has an impressive career in real estate, she is content with her existence--or so she believes--albeit her mother's regular intrusion into her love life, intrusions that adversely affect the young woman. Kristen has at least found comfort and gratification in a non-sexual, nine year matrimony with Stephany Shae, her lifelong friend and pillar of strength & opportunity.
 Stephany persistently nudges Kristen into taking risks and living life to its fullest, and provides solace whenever Kristen needs. She wants her friend to be happy as much as enjoying life, and she'll go to great lengths to try and see that Kristen is. She has never interfered in Kristen's love life before; however, when an opportunity presents itself, Stephany follows fate and decides to risk betraying her friend by playing matchmaker just once.
 Twenty-four year old Phoenix Carlson's heart has been broken; leaving her devastated even after six long years have passed. She is a mystery Kristen is willing to explore even if she finds it virtually impossible to refrain from expressing her lust for Phoenix when they're together. Phoenix's frequent abstinence puzzles Kristen until the  reason unveils itself.
 Kristen's whole world is turned upside down suddenly and she finds herself struggling to hold on to a love that she's letting slip through her fingers as she is besieged with the pain of trying to understand and accept and come to terms with what they both will lose if they remain together.
 Just when Kristen thinks she has finally suffered enough, and is coming out to be herself again—to feel again, an unexpected twist happens: all of the emotions she had buried inside for the woman who had captured her heart from the beginning start to resurface…


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"We Walk in Partial Forms is really a great book... A wonderful love story... Torment explored, needs researched...and what one truly wants is viewed as a fantasy, unable to be attained.   Who defines love? Who points a finger, and says, 'This is what you want and need to be happy'? No one. It's as if love finds you. Whether our eyes are open to the truth or not. The trick is to hold out for love, above all else, for, if one is strong enough, the truth is there. Waiting. Watching.  And finally reaching out. Passion reaches the heart, and will not accept anything else. Lessons are learned, and love does, finally, in the end, conquer all."  --Sierra Wave


This story is a fictional piece of work, but the topic is not. If you would like to educate yourself, please direct your browser to the Links section of this website.

Author's Note
: I'd like to mention someone here for her steadfast commitment to myself and this story, always the level headed one; putting up with my ever changing moods and eye bleeds from beta reading this thing.

Thank you, Laura, if not for your support and dedication, this story wouldn't be progressing as it is.


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