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 "The Torture Of Time"

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Reviews of The Torture Of Time

Ms. Ward’s The Torture of Time is about relationships. It is a beautifully romantic book dealing with sweet love as it changes through time. There are twists and turns through the book that surprised me and made me cry. Ms. Ward is a good writer and her characters are intriguing to read. If you want a book that will make you think and feel in a different way then this Sapphic romance between these three women will be enjoyable for you.

Julie Esparza
Just Erotic Romance Reviews

"The Torture of Time is a masterfully crafted tale familiar to many of us, of the wanting and needing of true love and once finding it.... managing to screw it all up! You're going to see little parts of yourself in Raven and Kenyon and the endearing Sydney, as you follow their journey to figuring out what went wrong... and ultimately discovering it's a journey that leads them to the place they least expected ... themselves.

A great story that's going to have you laughing and crying and perhaps a bit more, as Deven also weaves some wonderfully sensual erotica throughout The Torture of Time. Keep the girlfriend snuggled close or have fresh batteries handy!"

Bec Harpold

"Torture of Time delivers an emotional roller coaster encasing the stories of young women maturing and grasping for love. Their trials are realistic and deal with issues facing today's couples. This story pulls no punches in showing romantic ideals crumble and the characters fumbling through self-destructive, rocky relationships, always searching for that elusive perfect fit in a partner. The story was enjoyable in its realism and thought-provoking in its delivery."

Torie West
The Romance Studio



Your comments are much appreciated. Here is what some others think of The Torture Of Time...

"I can understand loving/wanting/lusting after someone that deeply...to the degree that you feel them ingrained to the deepest fiber of your being and you know no one else can get that far inside you.  That person becomes your drug and you might as well be dead without them.

I felt I was looking through someone's window all the time. Into their lives, both intimate and public. Real Life. That's what I felt reading this story. All the ups and downs. Happiness and heartache that goes with putting yourself out there...opening yourself up...exposing your 'self' to someone else." -- Wings2fly

"Wow, that story is intense. Each of the characters seem to have their own torture throughout time even in times of happiness. You have created a wonderful tale, the depth from each of them is remarkable." -- Elisa

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::: Disclaimer ::: 

This story contains instances of explicit, consensual lovemaking between women, with the exception of two scenes covering same sex (f/f) rape. You'll also find parts alluding to, and women partaking in, the act of bondage.  If strong language bothers you, please move on as this tale also has a sprinkle of that throughout.  Mature Audiences only please.

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