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Short Stories

by DK Ward

Updated 10.05.07

New  - Reign On Me

Updated 09.24.07

New  - Data & Pixels II

Updated 08.30.07

fixed links & updated - Stevie's Room & Half Past Seven

Please note: I don't write stories for children (least not yet).  Expect these tales to have adult language, and if lesbian love & sex bothers you, move along.  If you have any comments please add which story in the subject header and e-mail me. If ever a mail is bounced back, please redirect it here.


Hooters  A collaboration with Janeen Sanders
Data and pixels  A collaboration with "Fallon"
The Wait
Unconditionally  A collaboration with Lissa - Parts 1 & 2 posted
Precious Edge  A collaboration with Lissa - Parts 1 & 2 posted
Stevie's Room
Half Past Seven (part II of Stevie's Room) 
Journey To Fate (excerpt of a forthcoming novel)
The Sleep (Uber X&G)
Reign On Me

Completed but still revising:

The Cat Burglar (down for edits)
Best Friends (down for edits)
Road Trip  (down for edits)

On the horizon - (not written to completion)

Softly, The Rain Is Falling
Another World
A Shift In Time
The Call (part II of The Cat Burglar)
Seeing Red
Gay Friend On The Other End
The Princess And The Bum
Campus Love
Hope For Macon
Master Plan
The Bet
In Dreams
Reversal Of Love


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