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It was in my late 20's that my sex life had fallen into an almost imaginary status, so I decided to submerge myself in my work. On the off chance that I did meet someone who caught my eye and we had a good enough time together, the encounters were always brief and I never saw them again; there was never a possibility of an emotional entanglement.  I fooled myself into believing I enjoyed that lifestyle for several years; that was, until I met Korey at Hooters. 

Korey knew me in my in-betweens, where no one else had thought to look.  I loved how she was definitely in charge that day, yet she wasn't overbearing.  Huge turn on. There's a difference between someone who wants to be in charge and rams everything down your throat, versus the one who knows what they're doing, reads you like a book and is interested in your welfare. Makes me want to follow wherever they take me.

Wait, I should backtrack a bit…



I'm a photographer, and it takes me awhile to get my rhythm.  It's even harder for a sports shoot. Today's sport shoot was very, very tough; poor, low fluorescent lighting and I had to shoot 800 ISO in raw format.  So, naturally, I was flustered by the time I arrived in the parking lot of Hooters.  The lunchtime traffic was unusually bad, and making matters even worse, there was an accident on the freeway.  If I hadn't left early, I would have been late.  Biting back a curse for having to drive the lot twice in order to find a parking space, I grabbed my purse before slamming the door and heading toward the entrance. 

I didn’t know what my client looked like.  The day before I’d received a phone call from a woman who said she wanted to meet with me to discuss having some headshots done.  I’d suggested her coming to my studio, but she mentioned she’d be on the north end of town choosing some new furniture and could we do a quick lunch. 

Quick…lunch…Wednesday….As oftentimes happens, my mouth engaged before my brain did. To my mortification I heard, "Well then, how about we meet at Hooters?" coming out of my mouth.

She was good and didn’t make any snide comments, instead saying, "I’ll meet you there at 11:45," and the date was set.  I didn’t figure it would be too hard to find her. After all, a single woman at Hooters would stand out like a sore thumb.  

As I approached the entrance, I saw there was one woman outside leaning against the pillar, looking quite comfortable dressed in form-fitting black jeans, t-shirt and leather jacket.  She was toned and tall, and had medium-short, spiky chestnut-brown hair with bleached tips.

Her arresting, cute boyish face was made up of pronounced angles and smooth lines, tinted a healthy golden-brown, giving little away as far as her age.  But what made the most significant impact, and what I couldn't tear my own away from, were her captivating, light blue eyes.

I felt myself smiling uncontrollably as I drew closer, hand extended. "Hello, I’m Dorian. Are you Korey?"  God, I hoped so!

Pushing herself away from the building, her full lips widened and she flashed me a spectacular grin as she stepped within handshaking distance.  That's when I noticed her eyes were actually gray-blue.  "Yes.  It’s nice to meet you." Her large hand enveloped mine in a warm grip that was comfortable and sure.   

She opened the door for me and motioned me in with a nod.  Before the tasty aroma of hot wings and the din of a large crowd assaulted us, I quickly caught the subtle scent of her perfume, inhaling it deeply as I moved around her.  Eternity.  A favorite of mine.

We stepped into a foyer that had its walls filled with a huge assortment of t-shirts for sale and several waitresses smiled at us.  

"Hey!  Good to see you again!" said Tami--her name handwritten in large, curvy feminine letters on her nametag.  Her bright yellow shirt nearly two sizes too small clung to her like Saran Wrap.  Across the front was emblazoned Hooters! as if things weren’t obvious.  "You girls can sit where you want!"

"We’d like to sit at that corner table over there." I noticed Korey's raised eyebrow as I pointed to a table in the corner.  Tami led the way and I followed her after Korey again gestured for me to go ahead of her.

"You must come here an awful lot if you have a favorite table," Korey noted as we sat down across from each other.  She pinned me with those eyes and I found this new inner playfulness and acuity they reflected quite a turn-on.

I laughed.  "It’s much more practical than that.  It's lunchtime; they’ll turn the volume up on the music every five minutes until it’s so loud you won’t be able to hear yourself think. This particular table is under this," I pointed up at the speaker, "that faces out to the center of the floor, so we won’t get the full volume.  We’ll be able to carry on a conversation without yelling at each other."

Why was I babbling on like this?  I felt edgy and anxious for reasons unknown, and suddenly began to wonder if it were the company.  Sexual attraction was understandable, considering what was sitting across from me, but I was never this hyper with any other potential client during the whole fifteen year span of my career, so why now? 

Tami, pulling out a hot pink glitter pen and writing her name on a napkin, took my mind off my pondering.  Over the "I" she drew a little heart with a smiley face in it and then flipped it around on the table so we could both read it.  Cocking her head to one side and flashing a huge smile at Korey she said, "Hi!  I’m Tami and I’ll be your waitress today!"  and then she turned to me with a slow, sexy wink. "But you knew that already, eh, Dorian." 

She reached over the table, leaning much more than necessary, and pulled out two menus which were wedged between the catsup and the hot sauce.  Setting them in front of us, she offered, "Can I start you ladies off with something to drink?" 

"I’ll have iced tea with lemon, please," I said, glancing over to Korey, immediately flushing when our gazes met and held.  She never took her stare from me when she told Tami, "I’ll have the same." 

"Two iced teas coming up.  I’ll be back for your order in a few minutes," she lowered her voice a notch, "although I already know what you want." She slowly ran her fingertip across my forearm, and with a knowing smile, she turned and bounced away toward the next customer.  

            The smile didn’t quite reach Korey lips, but it came through her eyes loud and clear.  I didn’t know whether to laugh or blush and I found myself doing both, "Okay, it’s like this: I come in here almost every single Wednesday because it’s All You Can Hot Wings Day."  I shrugged.  "What can I say?  They’re good." 

She glanced down at the menu for no more than a second and then settled those incredible eyes back on me.  Was my face heating as much as I presumed it was?  "So the wings then?"  

            Tami came bouncing back with two iced teas before I could reply.  "Here you go, ladies, two iced teas."  She set the glasses down, saying, "One order of hot wings coming up."  She turned to Korey, "and what can I get for you?"

            "Make it two orders."

"Just in case you haven’t been in here before, they’re pretty hot. They’re just one step under the hottest thing we serve," Tami tried to warn her.

"You have my order," Korey dismissed her without a glance.  I got the impression Korey didn't like the restaurant much, or our waitress. 

After she’d walked away, I decided to talk business, maybe shake off the restless feeling coursing through me, or at least, curtail my growing arousal.  "So tell me what it is that you’re looking for?" 

            Korey regarded me for a moment; the expression on her face did not match what came from her next. "I need some headshots done for my staff.  There are six of us."

"Your ‘staff’…what kind of business is this for?"  I pulled a pen and pad out of my purse in case I needed to jot down some notes.  

"I’m opening up a new women’s medical clinic on the south side of town. I saw your portraits of the staff at The Eye Medical Institute and thought it was a great idea." She leaned back, sipping her tea.  Even though there was much commotion and other distractions that could have easily caught her eye around us, her focus never left me.

Typically, I let the client talk themselves out before asking questions, but it seemed she wasn't going to engage in conversation unless specifically asked a question. As if I weren't already a nervous, horny wreck in her presence.  "Did you just move into the area?"

"You could say that," and then to my surprise, she took control of the conversation, "I’m also looking for some nice landscape photography to put on the walls.  You do that too, don’t you?"  

            "Sure, I have a lot of beautiful work that would be appropriate for what you want."  I could see Tami making her way to our table.  She set the heaping plates down and happily told us, "Let me know if you need anything else!"  A flip of her hair and she was gone as quickly as she came.  

I grabbed a wing and started in on it, loving the hot, spicy flavor.  I nodded toward Tami and pointed out, "See, she’s workin’ her tips," just as Tami ran her finger down the arm of a young man who was most decidedly more interested in her yellow shirt than the menu in front of him. 

As we ate, she asked me how my day had gone so far, and I started a long-winded speech on sports photography.  "You have to know the sport, and if you don't, you have to be a good observer so that you can anticipate the action.  Take rodeo for example."  I took a quick sip of tea and continued, "For each event, there is the quintessential shot that they want to have.  With horse and calf in a full-blown, stretched out dead run, they want the shot with the lasso just clearing the calf's head--not tight around his neck, but all spread out in a position that the viewer knows that calf got roped. That's THE shot--" 

I was on a roll, I get that way when I start talking photo, when I realized her eyes were watching my hands as I picked up another wing and brought it to my mouth.  I like to suck the juice off it first before biting into the meat, and I was suddenly aware that her gaze jumped to my lips.  She hadn’t interjected a word while I had been prattling on. She’d just watched me with those intense eyes.

She finally spoke, "Don’t stop." 

It was a command, not a request.  I stared at her blankly, thinking of how many times I'd fantasized about being with a tall, domineering woman.  Of course that same vision was amplified now that I saw her in person sitting across from me.  Suddenly self-conscious, I did stop, quickly wiping my fingers with one of the little towelettes Tami had provided.  "I'm sorry; that wasn't very professional of me.  Here I am rambling on about my business when I should have been discussing yours.  Are there any other ideas you have?  Anything else I can do for you?" 

She didn't reply, just smiled and stood. She was quick in movement, and was at my side a fourth of a second later, hand on my elbow lifting me from my seat before I could stand myself. 

"Let's go."

"Go?  Where?  We're not done…" 

After paying for our partially eaten lunch, Korey led us to her bike and only released my elbow to hop on.  Of course, a tall domineering doctor would own a black Harley with ghost flames and lots of custom chrome.  It sounds really dull on paper--although it just flat out rocks in front of your eyeballs.  

She started the spectacular machine and reached for my hand so I could lean on her as I slipped my leg over the seat behind her.  She didn't say a word, just brought both of my arms around her middle so my hands were touching right above her belt buckle.  She had a firm stomach, and I flattened my palms against it, interlocking my fingers together.  I enjoyed the ride and the pleasant aroma of her as we rode along in silence.  She navigated streets, pedestrians and automobiles like a pro, weaving the bike through gas stations to skip red lights. 

I don't know if it was the vibrating bike between my legs, or the vibrant woman between them, but the longer we rode, the more sexually excited I became.  I especially enjoyed the feel of my breasts pushed against her strong back, and the feel of squeezing her tight between my thighs. Yes, I used it as an excuse to rest my cheek against her shoulder and inhale her wonderful warm scent. 

Korey felt "right" in my arms.  I had never even considered that before.  With other women, we did the deed and were done.  Sometimes one would promise she'd "call me" or there was always "we'll get together soon" and my self-esteem took a drastic hit each time I didn't hear from them again.  

I wasn't unobtrusive looking, but I wasn’t a raving beauty either, and in a world so focused on looks, I didn't feel I stood a chance.  Oh, some women remarked on my smile and set of straight teeth I was determined to keep white despite my smoking two or three cigs when I'm especially nervous or confused, and a few claimed my boring brown eyes were sexy.  I didn't see it.  I was medium tall and had a fit figure, but that was more from a high metabolism than working out.  I tried to eat healthily, but occasionally--like every Wednesday--I'd pig out at Hooters at lunchtime. 

The bike stopped, taking my mind back to the present.  I saw we were at the back entrance of some nondescript building.  Korey again assisted me as I got off the bike and I trembled when she slid her hand down from my shoulder and intertwined our fingers together. 

Once we were inside, I realized it was a private club.  A short gal standing by what I presumed was the entryway to the kitchen, waved at Korey, indicating she could go on in.  What "in" was became clear a few moments later.  The dining room was empty, and no booming music assaulting our ears.  It was a drastic improvement from Hooters to say the least.  The walls were hardwood with cherry veneer, and a deep mahogany finish, bordered with a double ebony inlay.  Ivory table cloths covered the six tables scattered about, with ball & claw Chippendale chairs reiterating each table’s rounded form, the low arms making it easy to draw the chairs up close.  In the center of each sat a lit candle.  Along one wall was a huge fireplace.  It was a simple, yet elegant look.  Korey led us to the opposite end of the room to a solitary seating section. 

She nudged me far into the booth and sat with her leg pressing into mine. She was smiling and I wondered if it was because my upper lip was beginning to glisten with sweat.  

"Are you uncomfortable?" she asked me and all I could think of was the effect of her hard muscled leg pressing against me, and hearing the taunting question drawled inches from my ear had me in the grip of a hot flash.

"Just a little warm. I'm fine." 

Korey's grin had disappeared; her gaze was heavy with conviction. She put her arm behind me and gently stroked the soft fabric of my shirt.

Just then our waitress coughed, alerting us to her presence.  It was the same petite woman I'd seen when we first entered.  Korey turned slightly but did not remove her arm from around me. 

"What's on the menu this afternoon, Cora?"

"For you?  Whatever you're in the mood for," Cora said with a smirk.

"Bring me all your finger foods, but no chicken or ribs.  Make that no meat at all.  And salad, one big bowl, but don't cut anything, nice big pieces.  Put the dressing on the side; two kinds; one creamy and one spicy. Whatever you have to do with it, make it smoke.  We’ll also need a plate of curly pasta with vegetables al dente.  Bring the dessert with everything else--No, later.  We'll have some white wine, too.  You pick it, something light, not too dry; add a pitcher of ice water.  And Cora, nobody but you comes in here afterwards.  You know I don't have patience for your little girls."

I almost giggled when she was through; that was more than Korey had said our entire time together. 

"Anything else, Hun?" Cora asked with levity pulling her words.

"Yes, we'll need an ashtray." 

I was hoping she'd made the request for herself, because wondering how she knew I smoked was rattling my nerves.  I didn't smoke so much that I carried a cloud around me wherever I went or any of that.  In fact, I hadn't had a cigarette for two whole days, and I was feeling the effects.  And how. 

Cora reached into the pocket on her apron and produced a small glass ashtray and set it down in front of Korey.  "I'll be back!" 

Korey's lips spread into a wide, pleased-with-herself grin, and without another word she turned back to me.  I was pulsing and tense and knew I needed a cig badly.  I fumbled for the pack, noticing my trembling hands. 

"I'll get it."  Korey shifted quickly, and covered my struggling hands with hers, halting my movements.  She gently placed my hands down onto my lap and reached into my bag, extracting the nearly full pack and lighter.  I watched her place one in her own mouth and light it, and then she offered the filter to my parted lips.  

I lifted my hand to take the cigarette, but was restrained with Korey's hard muscled forearm laid softly across both hands in my lap.  I was momentarily confused, but then I realized Korey would serve me.  The stress of the day, and her kind yet dominant actions finally took their toll. 

Seeing my face crumple, Korey drew me into her ample chest. "Hey now, hey" she whispered, "it's been too long for you, huh?" 

            How did she know me so clearly?  I was reeling with the implications of Korey's behavior and soothing words. I felt an urge to climb right into her lap, kiss her throat, live inside her enveloping embrace forever.  

Korey kissed my hand and lifted my chin, wiping a tear away with her thumb. "It's just pent-up tension, and if you allow me, I'll help release it all." 

Listening with astute attention, I was becoming calm. I felt a quiet entering my mind, soothed by Korey's words.  Intensely aware of hot breath on my face, I could feel the tingles of excitement spreading from my center again.  I sighed, moving involuntarily closer.  I wanted Korey's strong hand to reach down and gently stroke my other lips, to relieve the pulsing tension she was making steadily impossible to take.  My eyes became heavy watching Korey's lips inches from mine.

I guess she was reading my want clearly, because she chuckled.  "Not yet.  We're going to eat now."  And then she regarded me with a teasing grin and motioned toward the door.

Cora came toward us, holding a wine bottle and two fluted glasses. As she approached the table, two young waitresses followed behind with huge trays, each laden with steaming plates.  She poured the wine and supervised the placement of the serving platters.  Once everything was positioned, our place settings were laid before us.

"Perfect, Cora.  But we don't need these."  Korey gathered my silverware and handed it back.  Crinkling my brow, I watched Cora accept the utensils.  Another waitress came in with a pitcher of clanking iced water and two goblets, and after Cora's nod of approval, she placed them on the table. 

"We'll leave you to your meal.  Enjoy."  Korey nodded her thanks and surveyed the table, pleased with Cora's handiwork.  Looking over the vast array before me, I wondered how we were to eat it all, and how was I supposed to eat anything with no fork or spoon.

Offering the cigarette again to my lips, Korey's next words provided all I needed to know.  "No more hands.  Whatever you decide to do after this, indulge me now.  Let me feed you." 

I felt my face heat with a burst of shy embarrassment and unmistakably deepening arousal.  Korey squashed the cigarette in the ashtray.  After, she turned herself fully to face me, leaving her knee and shin pressed against my thigh.  Her relaxed, bold position insinuated a sensual meaning.  My face colored anew and a deep urge pushed at me to reach out and feel the coarse, black fabric stretched tight over Korey's inner thigh.

With an assured grip, Korey tilted my chin, forcing my eyes to meet hers.  God, her eyes were gorgeous…  "If this ever becomes more than you can handle, simply tell me and we’ll stop for a time."  She reached forward and kissed my parted lips tenderly and then slowly, shifted back toward the table, spooning several different portions onto her own plate.

While I was preoccupied with the simple joy of her gentle kiss, Korey picked up my napkin, snapped it open, and delicately tucked the corner into my shirt, making a bib. "It wouldn't do to spoil your blouse," she said with an easy smile. "Now," she continued, reaching for a breaded mozzarella stick, "open your mouth."  Her tone was a throaty command.

A sharp slice of arousal ran through me and without hesitation, I parted my rounded lips, and I could feel my tongue trembling at the edge, wanting Korey's offering. Korey sidled closer; watching with rapt attention as my lips drew the tidbit in slowly, gently biting down.  She grinned little by little at the rapturous expression I could feel swallowing my entire face.  Putting the remainder in her mouth, Korey lifted a shaved carrot stick and dipped it into the creamy dressing, offering it to me when I was done with my first mouthful.  She popped the leftovers into her own mouth again, and reached for a wine glass.  Her eyes followed the glass, and she tipped it to my lips carefully, pleased when I didn't spill a drop.  She set the glass down and fingered the carrots again. "So you like it hot, huh, Dorian?"  Her hand hovered over the spicy sauce, waiting.

What the hell kind of question was that?  My breath caught at the base of my throat, and when I didn't answer immediately, Korey's beautiful eyes fell on me. "Yes!" I blurted. 

She brought the anointed piece of vegetable to my waiting lips, but she didn't let me take a bite that time; she ran the sauce over my bottom lip, watching her own hand move along the outline.  "Taste it," she commanded finally, eyes lifting to catch the expression in mine at her words.  The pleasure she felt was in her glance when I did as told, taking my bottom lip into my mouth to suck off the dip, top teeth rasping over it before releasing it, wet and glistening. 

My mind betrayed me, shutting down.  Where were my thoughts?  Surely this whole experience was eliciting some form of reflection.  My mind had gone numb, pushing my desires to the forefront, and I could do nothing but sit there turning into a puddle of melted jelly.  Work; think of work, that always helped when I was at a loss.  Ask her about her patient's, anything.  This time, it did not work.  I could nearly hear the crackle as my brain sizzled and snapped off finally. 

"Enjoying it?" Korey watched the conflicting emotions I was sure were crossing my face.

"I think so."  No, I couldn't think at all.

            "You think?"

            "No, I'm sure I am."

"Good."  Korey plucked a cucumber from the salad bowl, swirling it around in the spicy dressing.  She carried it to my parted lips.  "Don't bite.  Suck it."

I think she liked the heated flush that spread quickly along my cheekbones.  My mind finally woke up from its siesta, nudging me.  I took the offering into my mouth, fulfilling Korey's command.  She dabbed at my lips with the corner of the napkin, smiling her satisfaction.  "Now bite it."  She positioned the portion of vegetable closer to my lips.

Nothing else mattered to me but that look of approval in Korey's eyes. I ate the proffered food, awaiting Korey's next instruction.  The heat between my thighs at this point was almost agonizing, and if she desired it, I would have let her finger that secret place right then and there. 

She turned back to me with another breaded mozzarella stick and I know she caught the ache flooding my face.  I wondered if she also knew how aroused I was below.


Yep, she knew all right.  I felt my face shrink inwards, and the red of my blush push to the fore, consuming me entirely.  Korey was not asking about dips.  I dropped my eyes, and my chin followed.  "Yes," I told her, coming to the realization I'd go to great lengths to please Korey.  I'm sure the understanding painted itself over my face, and Korey observed it silently.  

            Again deciding we'd had enough food, she wiped my lips once more with the napkin, and then unceremoniously dropped the cloth onto the table.  "I'll be right back. Wait here for me."  She didn't wait for me to reply to her order; she knew I wouldn't move. 

My eyes followed her retreating back.  The food sat untouched.  I realized I wasn't really hungry anymore.  Not for food. 

            I guess she went to pay the bill; she was back a few minutes later and escorting me out of the booth and from the club.  In the little alcove just outside the back door, Korey turned to me, pressing me against the siding of the building.  She touched the small cleft on my chin lightly with just her fingertips, tracing my jawbone up to my ears, at the same time; she let her body gently fall into mine.  I felt my knees go weak and started to slide down the wall, at which point she pressed herself harder into me, holding me upright. 

            "I'm sorry," I barely whispered, "I seem to be a bit vertically challenged at the moment." 

            Korey released a small amused breath, and leaned her head forward.  She placed a few tender kisses on my slightly parted lips and when I felt the tip of her tongue rubbing on my upper lip and against my teeth, I knew she wanted a deeper exploration.  I took one more look into those eyes of hers and chased her tongue, capturing it quickly.  My eyelids closed and I gave it a little bite and then started sucking.  Thankfully, my loud groan was mostly muffled in the kiss. 

            I felt her remove the purse from my hand and I was encouraged to lift my arms and run my fingers through the hair at the back of her neck.  It was smoother than silk, and thick.  I groaned again, pulling on her head and pushing my mouth hard against hers.  I felt the pulse start in my lower abdomen and it grew stronger, almost painful as it made its descent into my groin and out of me, accompanied by wetness I could feel on my panties.  

            I pressed my cheek against hers; head bent, my breath was hot as it reflected back at me off of her shoulder.  I whispered close to her ear, "Do you have any idea what you're doing to me?" 

            She turned her face towards me, jumbling my thoughts with a few more kisses before she spoke.  "My apartment's two blocks away, think you can walk or shall we take the bike?"  She didn't really wait for my reply; she was already walking us towards the motorcycle.  For all I cared, we could have made love right there in that alcove and I wouldn't have batted an eye. 

            Like the first time, she got on and helped me up behind her, but this time, instead of putting my arms around her waist, she leaned back, face tilted up towards me, and I leaned closer for the kiss we both wanted.  Of their own accord, my hands slinked around her and I pulled her torso into me with a firm jerk.  After, I explored her body, yanking the t-shirt from her jeans, trailing my fingers up her muscled stomach.  Her skin was soft, and hot--incredibly hot.  She felt wonderful, and I daringly explored lower, into the waistband of her jeans.  I just touched the start of her pubic hair and was about to comb my fingers through it when a car horn rudely blasted behind us, startling us and we broke apart.  My hand caught in her jeans and I felt my face prickling with a warm flush. 

            Korey didn't miss a beat; she smiled at me and covered my captured limb with the hem of her t-shirt.  Obviously, she wanted it to stay there and who was I to argue? 

            On the short ride to her apartment, I had a disturbing thought and it blurted out of me before I could stop it, "You're not just doing this for a discount package are you?"  I felt her chuckle more than heard it and gave her sides a loving little squeeze. 

            That afternoon was the start of my real life, but that's another story.



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