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Updated 10.15.07

* Lissa and I have decided to combine Future Bonds & Bonds of All Time into one book. We're renaming it
Past...Present...Future...Forever. You can see the new cover here

All stories down for revisions.



 The Bonds Series

I'm not exactly sure what to categorize this series as because it does have the char's from the show, so it's not totally uber; however, the story line is original, as are the char's Lissa and I created/create. I can tell you that it has a lesbian theme throughout and goes beyond the "subtext" aspect of the show. So based on that, please don't go in with preconceived notions about this series.  I hope you enjoy the experience as much as we did writing it, and if you do (or do not), let us know about it! All constructive comments welcomed.

These stories do have 18+ content. As mentioned previously on this website, I write for adults, not children.


* Book One: Past...Present...Future...Forever (Formerly titled Future Bonds & Bonds of All Time): A cop that has been transported from the future to the past via a lightening storm meets Gabrielle & Xena. 


* A Tale Of Two Goddesses:  Aphrodite and her future self are separated from Xena & Gabby.


* Xena 3K: While Teddy and the Goddess of Love try to devise a plan to get the two wayward travelers back to their own time, Xena & Gabby have traveled far into the future with just the clothes on their backs.

* Dark Raine: Forthcoming


Other Works

* The Sleep: Short story (Uber)

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