Updated 04.19.15

Cover & Art work DK Ward -- DKW --
1995 - 2015

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Up until six months ago, Devlin Davenport had a normal life, and then her world turned on its axis when she woke up and found herself lying in a pool of blood.  The trauma of that ordeal had taken her memory, but now, day-by-day, it was coming back to her, in nightly increments. Sometimes these increments came as blissful dreams, and at other times, as nightmares.

Brea Summer, young, hotshot attorney, living and loving in the fast lane, risks almost everything to save Devlin, but will she risk the only woman she's ever loved?  Loren Worth is that woman. Will she be there when Brea figures out to whom her heart belongs?

She stands there, weighing life in both hands. A cloth covers her eyes, while she tries to see the truth. The scale tilts, leaning to one side-- But for whom?

Immerse yourself in this perplexing triangle of love, overshadowed by murder, lust, and jealousy.



[- w w w . d e t f i g . n e t -]
S h or t S t o r i e s -]
[- b a c k -]
- N o v e l s -]
- F a n F i c t i o n -]

Correction: Above image by Luis Royo was replaced by the original book design by DK WArd 1995-2003

Story & Character drawings DK Ward 2003.