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Words & Imagery

Did you hear it
  in me,
  muffling me,
  quieting you:
  the pulse of pressure's push?
  If you want to
  form around me--
  as thin as we can
  where and how
  becoming all,
  because in here
  there is no room
  for breadth.
  Thinner and thinner
  I'll make survival sense
  and even
  spread and build
  two dimensions
  into four
  where maybe
  you can come
  to visit.


Folks have been writing in to see my kids, so here's my lil goobers Kris & Christina

My son Kris at 15.
Yes, he finally stopped making that "I have to go #2" face every time I aimed the camera at him.



- set by Swt MeloDe